Al Rajhi Capital further enhances its leading role as the top brokerage service provider by offering 'deferred payment purchasing of stocks' (Murabaha). This unique Shariah-compliant financing solution finances clients' portfolios to purchase stocks from the local market. Clients subsequently settle for this facility with a specified profit added to the facility amount. There are minimum portfolio requirements to obtain a Murabaha facility, with the guarantee amount is subject to Terms and Conditions.

Al Rajhi Capital offers the following financing options:

Refundable Commission Murabaha:

The purpose of this type of financing is to help investors with medium to high volumes of trading, who wish to invest for a short period of three months.

Platinum Yearly Murabaha

Funding is provided for one year in this financing solution. This is ideal for traders of moderate trading volumes who wish to invest for a longer period.

Platinum Yearly Murabaha – Minimum

The financing is for a one year period and is considered suitable for a segment of investors with lower portfolios than other Murabaha Financing products.

Quarterly Murabaha (Daily Liquidity)

The purpose of this type of financing is to help clients with high volumes of daily trading, in order to leverage their intraday trading.

Yearly Murabaha – High Trading Investors:

This financing is for a period of one year. It is suitable for active traders who wish to invest for a longer period.

IPO financing

This type of financing aims to double the value of the IPO subscription amount for the client.


General conditions for IPO financing:

  • The customer must have a current account with Al Rajhi Bank.
  • The client must complete the procedures of the investment account opening agreement and the KYC form.
  • Provide adequate investment experience.
  • Clear customer's credit record..
  • Risk view & acceptance
  • Minimum Finance (SR 100,000)
  • All terms and conditions are included in the agreement.

Apply For Murabaha Financing

 You may apply for Murabaha through Al-Rajhi Tadawul and simply following these steps :
  • Enter username and password
  • Trading platform
  • Select Murabaha - Murabaha Subscription
  • Products
  • Fill out all fields and send

You may also request for Murabaha financing by visiting your nearest Investment Center
     For additional information on Al Rajhi Capital Brokerage services:
     Please contact 800 124 5858
     And from outside KSA on +966 92000 5856
     You can also email us on customerservice@alrajhi-capital.sa

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